by Adam Kościelak Aug 23, 2021

A few weeks back, we took a look at how Elastic Email is used to promote Tourism in Szczecin, a city playing host to one of our offices. In today’s case study, we’re staying in Western Pomerania as we look at how our services are used by the local Municipal Library.

Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Szczecinie (The Szczecin Municipal Public Library) is the biggest cultural institution in the city. With over 56 thousand subscribed readers and 17 thousand participants at various events, there’s plenty of people that can enjoy the 600 thousand books they have in their collection.

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Books, workshops, and author appearances aren’t the only things that the public Library deals in, though. They’ve gone with the times and also offer ebooks, audiobooks, films, and video games to their subscribers. They also maintain profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, engaging their audience with awesome content.

Where does Elastic Email come in?

Promoting book-reading isn’t easy, that’s why, along with a modern website, the Library has started promoting itself through a Newsletter. Until 2020, the Library used a newsletter solution provided by their CMS. However, after refreshing their website to be up-to-date, they had to find an external tool that would help them achieve their goals.

After careful consideration, the Municipal Library chose Elastic Email to be their Email Service Provider and started sending thousands of emails with us.

Why Elastic Email?

Another big reason was that Elastic Email offers special discounts to public benefit nonprofits, allowing the Library to save some much-needed cash on their Newsletter. However, affordability isn’t the only reason why the Municipal Library decided to go for Elastic Email.

Our set of marketing features fulfills the Library’s needs, making their work hassle-free, which is important when you have as much going on as the library has. The fact that Elastic Email ensures that their emails are delivered to their contact list is extremely important, especially when it comes to promoting events.

What’s their favorite feature?

Out of all of Elastic Email’s features, the most important one for the Municipal Library isn’t a technical feat, but our human element. We’ve always held that our Customer Support Team is one of our biggest strengths, and the Municipal Library believes that too.

“We’ve contacted Elastic Email’s customer support team several times, and we were happy with the support every time,” Marta Kostecka tells us. We’re very happy to hear that, and as always, big thanks to our Support Superheroes for their hard work.

Thanks a lot to Krzysztof for answering our questions, and big thanks to the Szczecin Municipal Public Library crew for their dedication and work to making Szczecin a well-read city. We hope you keep up the amazing work.

Now, with this case study in the books, we have a simple question for you! Are you using Elastic Email and would like to be featured on our blog? Let us know and we'll share your experience!

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