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«Na Urok» is a Ukrainian educational project founded in 2017. From the very first day of its existence, the platform's main goal was to become a hub for teachers and students who want to gain additional knowledge, share their experiences, and grow professionally.

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The following facts confirm the importance and effectiveness of their educational products:

  • and are consistently ranked among the TOP 25 most visited Ukrainian web resources (we are not only talking about education sites, but top sites visited by Ukrainians).
  • «Na Urok» Net Promoter Score is 82

Why educators choose «Na Urok»

Teachers use «Na Urok» to attend webinars, conferences, and online courses for professional growth, share their developments with colleagues from across the country, and conduct online testing and assessment of students.

For Ukrainian students, «Na Urok» is a place where they can always find additional online lessons, interesting online school subject competitions, and outstanding knowledge rewards.

How users discover «Na Urok»

On average, and are visited by more than 700,000 users daily.

The primary source is organic traffic, as «Na Urok» announces relevant online events and opportunities for teachers and students weekly. Therefore, the majority of visitors come from search engines or upon the advice of teachers, students, or parents.

Why Elastic has become the perfect email service for «Na Urok»

A significant part of communication with «Na Urok» users is informational email newsletters, so it was important for us to choose a service that would meet all of the following criteria:

  • Throughput. The daily workload is, on average, 200-300,000 emails. It is important that all users receive them on time.
  • Pricing. Offering all the features we need, Elastic has the most favorable terms compared to other services we have considered.
  • UX/UI. We use Elastic Email every day. None of the services we used previously offered such convenience with analytics, logs, and or as an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  • Support. During the communication, we received excellent customer service.

Challenges that Elastic helped to overcome

24.02.2022 — Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes. Teachers and students could not attend their schools.

«Na Urok» provided them with educational resources, creating opportunities for distance learning. The key channel for informing about such opportunities is email marketing.

Elastic has helped us adapt to new realities and continues to help us carry out our work.

Dmytro Perepelytsia, CEO, Co-Founder of «Na Urok»

What role does email marketing play in your business?

From the very moment of the «Na Urok» foundation, we have put our stake in email marketing. Given our needs, this was the best solution, to deliver regular announcements of new events, continue working with loyal users, and bring them back to the site.
Therefore, from the first day, we have been following the chosen strategy: we pay a lot of attention to working with the contact base:

  • Be flexible and creative. The same emails with boilerplate subject lines quickly become boring and irrelevant.
  • Remember: a significant part of the success of an email campaign is properly segmented recipients.
  • Don't talk about all services in one email. We adhere to the principle of "one important message per email."
  • Determine the optimal frequency of emails for your users. Otherwise, they will either forget about you or unsubscribe due to intrusiveness.
  • Promptly delete inactive email addresses and keep track of the number of emails that end up in the spam.

These seemingly obvious tips are working well for us: we have a consistently low spam rate, our database is growing every month, and more than 50% of registrations for new events result from email campaigns.

What advice do you have for anyone trying to build their own business?

I have always been deeply inspired by information technology and education. I combined these passions in my vision of «Na Urok» development - to offer users what they need today and anticipate what tools will make them more effective a day, year or  decade from now.

My main advice to those starting their own business is to learn the rules of the game so you can change and improve them! It's hard, but it's worth it!

Dmytro Perepelytsia, CEO, Co-Founder of «Na Urok»
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