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Did you ever think that AI would appear in our daily lives so soon? Of course, we had all heard about it and followed the development of this technology, but I don't think anyone expected that one morning we would wake up and AI would be literally everywhere! And here we are - AI is present in every step of our lives, even in your email marketing. Many new businesses have come up, and many new tools and solutions are based on AI.

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And if you are a small business owner, you may actually wonder “Do I really need this AI?”

Well, I think you need it. See why! In this article, we present some of the best AI tools for email marketing. Learn also how to use AI for email management.

What is AI, and why you should start using it?

According to Andreas Kaplan, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn.

In general, the AI system works by ingesting large amounts of data, analyzing the data for correlations and patterns, and using these patterns to make predictions about future states.

The importance of AI lies mainly in its potential to change how we live, work, and even play! AI has been effectively used in business to automate tasks that were previously done by humans, including customer service, lead generation, and quality control. And there are some studies that say that AI can perform some tasks much better than humans. Can you believe it!?

For you as a small business owner, AI can help you reduce time spent on data-savvy tasks, can help you increase productivity, improve your customer satisfaction rate through personalization, and deliver consistent results. And it does not need to be expensive!

You probably know that at Elastic Email, we care about the reliability and affordability of products. So we did the research and looked into different free tools that leverage AI in email marketing and can help you with email creation. Once you see the benefits of using AI in your email marketing activities, maybe your answer to the question at the top of this blog will be easier to answer, and it will be “Absolutely, I really do need AI to make my work easier!”.

Free AI Tools for Email Marketing

ChatGPT - Conversational Way of Building Content

ChatGPT is the tool that has everyone chatting about it! You can use it for various activities, from text generation to entire content generation, or even email. It’s quite advanced compared to the other tools, but it can help you save time. It has a free version available, so you can give it a try and test it.

MarketMuse - Content Strategy Done Quickly

We, marketers, know that sometimes it is tough to prepare a unique content strategy that helps engage our subscribers. And if you also experience this sometimes, MarketMuse can help. Its AI will analyze your website or blog to help you identify which topics you should focus on more. So it basically automates the content research for you. And then, since you know what content will drive the engagement of your followers, you can easily link it to your email newsletter.

Writesonic - Best AI Writer

If you’re looking for an outstanding email title, you will not get more creative suggestions than ones made by Writesonic, trust me. Just put in the general idea for your email and it will quickly generate a few examples of the title for your email. If you are an individual freelancer or a small business owner, it can really help you take your email content production to the next level.

Anyword - AI Email Content Writer

Anyword is yet another tool that helps you write engaging content for your email that should boost your conversion rate. Even with the minimal information you provide, this tool can research the internet for you and produce quality content for your next email.

Grammarly - For Quality Writing

If you are a small business owner, a marketer, or a creator, you probably write a lot of different forms of content. With Grammarly, your AI writing assistant, writing things in high quality is easier than ever. When you are writing a text, Grammarly is checking for any mistakes you may make in your copy when in a rush. Doesn’t it sound amazing!? Grammarly is a real content-quality guardian!

PhotoRoom - Quick Background Remover

Producing a nice photo does not need to be a terrible experience or an expensive task. With tools like PhotoRoom, you can quickly remove the background of any photo, leaving only the most important elements for you to incorporate into other graphics. This tool can really help you get a nice-looking image in seconds. Try it out for yourself.

Pixelz AI - Design Powered by AI

It is sad to say, but from now on, you do not need to bother your graphic designer to help you prepare the graphics for your next email newsletter. You can use Pixelz AI to create unique artwork using just words, captions, images, and presets. It is a free tool that can add a brand-new flavor to your email design.

Summary: AI-based email marketing

So, as you can see, I named just a few popular AI-powered email marketing tools that can help you take your emails to the next level. But of course, there are even more of them available for free. The thing is that if you haven’t got into AI yet, it’s really worth giving it a try. As mentioned, it can save you time and boost your productivity and the quality of your work which is very important if you want to do things right and efficiently.

AI will be visible more and more in the future, so do not hesitate to look around for the tools that can really change the way you run your business.

And now, the question is… who really wrote this article? A human or an AI, tool? 😉

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