by Adam Kościelak Oct 6, 2021 is a ticket vendor based in Szczecin, Poland, selling tickets for artistic and sporting events all over Poland. Recently, they transitioned their business to Elastic Email and we spoke to their CEO Konrad Pietracha about the entire process. 

Why Did decide to transition to Elastic Email?

“We have a high-quality contact list, people who have agreed to receive emails about upcoming events when buying tickets from us.” Konrad tells us, “we’ve had a lot of problems with other companies sending low-quality newsletters from IPs we’ve shared with them at our previous ESP, lowering our deliverability.”

Newsletter deliverability is crucial for the company, which is why Konrad turned to Elastic Email.

How long did the transition take? What’s the best feature?

While the transition itself took only a few hours, our team helped the team prepare for a month prior. These preparations made the transition itself go without a hitch.

As for their favorite feature, Konrad tells us that our contact segmentation feature is really useful. Having created a segment for their most active contacts, some campaigns are only sent to highly engaged audiences, increasing open and click rates, which are a particular focus in’s newsletter campaigns.

Another feature Konrad and his team enjoyed was mail queuing, allowing them to safely spread out their sending over the day, ensuring that they won’t get blocked by a recipient server for flooding it.

But Konrad’s favorite aspect of working with Elastic Email isn’t a feature.

How does Elastic Email help you achieve your business goals?

“Our newsletter is one of our main marketing channels,” Konrad tells us, “it allows us to inform our users about new events before they learn about them through traditional media. This, in turn, lets them purchase tickets before anyone else, making sure the venues we work with are sold out.”

We’re very happy that we can help Konrad and the team deliver their newsletters and sell out awesome concerts and sporting events, and thanks a lot to them for taking the time to talk with us!

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