by Anna Wybieralska Jun 3, 2020

Elastic Email is so much more than just a platform to send emails. It’s not just our template editor and advanced analytics that will help you gain subscribers and effectively monitor your email campaigns. There is another layer to it that not many are aware of.

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Today we have decided to share with you a great feature we have had for a while now. We have a referral program that will get you some additional funds by following just three simple steps. But we are not here to toot our own horn without any backing.

That’s why we partnered with one of our users who actively takes part in our referral program. We wanted to ask how he uses it, and most importantly, how it benefits his business.

Who is Infinite Loop Development?

Infinite Loop is based in Ireland and they have quite a bit of experience. They have been on the market since 2004. They started out doing websites, then moved on to apps, and currently, they focus on developing APIs for B2B Applications. Additionally, they have quite a few side projects that are here to support and assist developers, such as But how does the elaborate idea to create come to mind? It all came down to making the life of developers easier and simpler. Then, it's just a matter of determination in creating and perfecting such a product. The initial design only took a few days to develop. It was revisited many times as they added new features when it became more popular. 

Fiach Reid

Whenever you're writing code for a very simple website, you find that almost everything can be done on the front-end, except for email, which always requires you to write back-end code. So you find yourself writing a back-end, for only one purpose, to send an email. We thought that creating a reusable script that could be used on the front-end, could be useful to developers who either weren't comfortable writing back-end script or just wanted a time saver.

Certain ideas just have this "something" that makes people gravitate towards them. When it comes to, the name itself already got a lot of traffic. There was also almost no competition which meant that people who needed those services found easily. There was no need to put a lot of effort into promoting the service, and overall, there was not a lot of time needed to make it popular. 

However, there was, as with every project, the need to fund it so it can prosper. As started out as a side plan and it became more popular with time, there was a question of maintaining a steady income since the project does occupy server resources. Now, you can earn money in more traditional ways, but you also can take a different approach. Find a way to mix business and pleasure, like earning money from a referral program and send emails to your subscribers at the same time!

Fiach Reid

We knew that many people who came to us needed an SMTP server since Gmail is not suitable for transactional email. That's when we stumbled upon the Elastic Email referral program, which we thought would be a good way to direct our users to a suitable transactional email service and earn from referrals.

Why Elastic Email?

Because there was no other transactional email provider that was offering an attractive referral program. Infinite Loop Development director, Fiach Reid, tested the Elastic Email system himself, and it worked well with SMTPJS.

Elastic Email is a reliable system with many useful features that will ensure that your emails are being delivered and of good quality. While other ESPs can give you credit to use within their platform or omit the referral program overall, Elastic Email allows you to withdraw accumulated funds to finance your needs. You can use it to start a side project, spend, it on yourself or save it in case times get tougher.

the only referral system they are using

How to make the Elastic Email referral program work for you?

You only need to complete three steps to take part in our referral program and start earning some additional funds to maintain your project, expand your business or have a little shopping spree.

  1. Log in to your Elastic Email dashboard and go to the “My Account” section on the bottom of the page.
log in to the dashboard
  1. Access your Billing screen. In the “View” drop-down, you will have the “Referral” option. Click on it!
access billing and referral feature
  1. Get your unique referral link and share it to earn revenue. It’s as simple as that!
link to referrals

There you have it! There is nothing simpler than taking part in the Elastic Email referral program. Just look at the steps above. If you have any questions about the referral program or anything else, contact our Customer Success Team. They are available for you 24/7.

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