by Adam Kościelak Nov 15, 2021

If you’re a long-time customer, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve made a larger visual overhaul within the app, and already made some changes to our home page. These changes are a part of a larger effort coming over the course of the next few months to modernize the Elastic Email brand and experience.

Elastic Email app and services

We’re constantly in the process of updating our screens to fit your email needs and improve our software’s look, functionality, and user experience. In the past year, we’ve updated our software to support our brand new RESTful API and supported it with extensive documentation.

Visual identity

Our logo has also changed, ever so subtly. To represent our push towards faster and easier-to-use email products, our logo has become sleeker and more compact, representing the changes we’ve made to our app and our goals for the future.

Elastic Email logo change animation

Our products also received new, consistent branding to help our users identify and differentiate both our current and future products.

Elastic Email products's new logos

Elastic Email - Website

Our new homepage, along with the new log-in and sign-up pages coming, are one of the effects of months of hard work across all our teams. This is only the start of our efforts to create the best email platform possible. The greatest changes are still to come!

We’ve also designed a brand new newsletter that you may have received in your inbox, haven't you? If not, come on and subscribe HERE to stay tuned for more updates on our refresh and be the first to know when we launch new updates and products.

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Adam Kościelak

Adam Kościelak is an experienced writer and video content creator. Throughout 2021, he worked as Elastic Email's Content Specialist, expanding our content library.

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