by Ula Chwesiuk Aug 14, 2023

We are always thrilled to hear that our platform is appreciated by the industry, especially websites comparing the best business software and services. Tekpon is one of them, and they have just unveiled a list of the top Email Marketing Software businesses. As Elastic Email, we’re proud to be included in this ranking and receive a badge as the top Email Marketing Software for Q3 2023.

Our platform is recognized as a robust and powerful email marketing and email delivery tool.

Elastic Email helps organizations reach their communication goals by growing their audience, developing meaningful relationships, and learning through analytics and reports.

To learn more about the ranking, you can also check out the Tekpon press release. You are also welcome to visit the Elastic Email Tekpon profile.

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Ula Chwesiuk

Ula is a content creator at Elastic Email. She is passionate about marketing, creative writing and language learning. Outside of work, Ula likes to travel, try new recipes and go to concerts.

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