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If you have registered an Elastic Email account, by default you have a referral link available in your dashboard. It is worth it to learn more about our referral program, as it might grant you ongoing passive income that will steadily provide you with extra cash every month.

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Below you can check some useful ways to actually make this work. There are many methods of getting passive income right and some of them might be better for you than others. Presented examples are picked based on our actual customer's actions. We observed the ways they recommended our product and made a list of the most effective methods.

1. Share your experience about Elastic Email

If you are using Elastic Email yourself, even if it is just for a very small blog, be open to talking about it. Tell people on social media, make a screenshot of your delivery report, write a review or share your opinion among various services. When people find out that you are actually using Elastic Email, they will be more likely to talk about it with you. Simply let the world around you know that you are familiar with Elastic Email and simply wait for the magic to happen.

2. Make a tutorial (bonus points for making it in a different language)

This is one of the most effective methods we have been able to find when we talked to our top referring customers. You can write a blog post, where you explain step by step, how to perform a certain action using Elastic Email and publish it on your website. Remember to add the referral link to the article. It is great to use some screenshots that will visually enrich your content and help readers figure out how to do what you're explaining in seconds. You can also record your screen and simply talk about what are you doing while performing an action that you're creating a tutorial about. If you are using Windows 10, simply press Windows+G to start recording.

The system will ask you to confirm that the active application is a game. This is the recording system designed for games, but it has all you need since it can not only record what you see on the screen but also voice coming through the microphone. You don't have to limit yourself to just one tutorial. You can create a whole bunch of them to attract more traffic. They can be basic or advanced. It is also a good idea to make them in your native language if English is not your first language. When publishing these tutorials, it doesn't matter if it is a video or text, give them a title similar to something you would enter in google search when you are looking for some answers. This will grant you a better rank in search results.

3. Write a script integrating Elastic Email

Although we add new integrations on a regular basis, there are just so many services on the market that it is nearly impossible to cover all of them. Thankfully we have a great community of developers and enthusiasts who publish on Github code that is ready to use for others. Just one of our customers generated over 1800 new accounts by writing down a simple integration with a popular app and publishing it on a website. He shared this simple code (less than 20 lines of code) together with instructions on implementing it and referral links to Elastic Email.

You can do the same thing. Share some useful pieces of code on Github, on your website, or any other place where others can find it. Provide the visitors with your referral link and promote your solution among developers and other people that might need it. Once this work is done, it kind of goes on by itself, so it is a little work at the beginning and a steady flow of profits in the long run.

If you are here, reading this post, you are probably into emails. This can be newsletters or Email Marketing, or sending a large number of emails for some other reasons. You can use the publicity you already get with the emails you send to get yourself some additional profits. There are many ways to do that. You can simply add "powered by Elastic Email" at the bottom of your message with your referral link. Adding information about our offer and pricing to a newsletter might also be a good idea. You can simply add one of the ads that we provide somewhere in your email.

Please keep in mind that this might not always work. Transactional emails, for example, might not be the best place for such information as it might be confusing. The audience that you have built over the years might be the best place to look when you want to share your referral link as you have created a bond with them and those people often trust your judgment. If you think that this service is good for you, it might also be good for them.

5. Get personal

This is strongly related to point number 1. You really don't have to attract thousands of people to create a new account. You receive 20 percent of referred customers' spending for their first year with Elastic Email. So you can get more personal and help a colleague from a large company to set up an account and start sending transactional or marketing messages through Elastic Email. Sometimes just one, or a couple of larger customers generate the same revenue that might be possible with a few hundred smaller accounts.

You can use your skills to help friends and maybe your own customers to start using Elastic Email and this way get yourself additional benefits. There is a really big potential in this method as when you help someone set it up, you know exactly what to expect. You will know how many emails they intend to send and how much provision will you earn in the oncoming months.

6. Put our ads on your website

Depending on the traffic on your website, this method might also be an effective way of generating revenue. It is also a simple one and requires nearly no work at all. All you need to do is to download our ads package, pick some of the ads that suit you best, and add them to your website together with your referral URL. There are various sizes to choose from so you should be able to find one that fits your website the best. This method is so simple that it is hard to write anything more about this without repeating myself. Be sure to check on this ad package from time to time as it will be updated regularly to correctly reflect our latest offer and features.

Contact our Customer Success team if you have any questions or comments!

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