by Anna Wybieralska Jul 10, 2018

It is wise to know what people think about your company, so we often search through the Internet to learn what people are saying about us. Doing this on a regular basis gives us some amazing feedback and leads to improvements for many aspects of our business.

However, we have also noticed that our name is very often spelled in an incorrect manner. It has happened so many times on different occasions that we decided to create a short guide, as there is an obvious demand for it. So how exactly do we write our company name?


Although we do our best to make the words "elastic" and "email" come together, this is a little bit too close. In order to respect the personal space of each word, there should be a space in between. Otherwise, the words might feel uncomfortable and even have an existential crisis. I can almost hear each of them asking "Am I still a real word? Do I mean anything without the other one? Or maybe I am only a part of one word with no personality?!" This is a terrible experience to go through, so let's stick to Elastic Email instead.


As a company comprised mainly of programmers, we will mathematically prove to you that this is not the right way to go. Let's assume that "Elastic-Email" is an equation with multiple unknowns and try to find a solution. So...

It is easy to see that there is no satisfying solution for this equation, as we still don't know the values behind "s", "t", "c" and "m". Besides, if someone decided to use this kind of name, it might be really hard to pronounce it during an everyday conversation about math equations, and we have this kind of conversation all the time. There is also another variation called "Elastic-Mail" but it provides pretty much the same results. Not everyone loves math, to our surprise, so let's stick to Elastic Email instead.

Elastic Mail?

If we ever invent an envelope that can be easily stretched and you can use only one of them to send a few hundred thousand messages instantly, we would happily name our company "Elastic Mail". So far, we work in a more digital, electronic environment and what we provide is called "email". We are not specializing in the traditional post, but we do know our way around email, so let's stick to Elastic Email instead.

Elastice Mail?

This is a very creative interpretation! It reminds us of the first pioneers that crossed the Atlantic Ocean to become part of the New World. Just like the letter "e" here, crossed the deep void of emptiness and uncertainty after she let herself be tempted by the stretchiness of the word "Elastic". We absolutely understand this adventurous little "e", as we feel the same gravitational pull towards "Elastic" ourselves. Unfortunately, when this phenomenon occurs, both words make little to no sense at all, so let's stick to Elastic Email instead.

Windows Elastic Mail?

If you took such a huge leap to call us "Windows Elastic Mail", you might be so far away at this point that I am not sure you can even read this article anymore as the letters might seem really small from that distance. Windows Elastic Mail is a software to use for your personal mailbox. It is great if you want to receive an email and even send a few, but it is not that good when you plan to send a few thousand of them instantly. Let's stick to Elastic Email instead.

Elastic Email?

Bingo!  - as any person with a sufficient amount of luck loves to say from time to time. This is the right and the only correct way to mention Elastic Email in a conversation. We are really attached to this name and use it at least 60 times every day. This is why we are so passionate about doing it properly that we even have to blog about it. Thank you all very much for reading it, and we hope that now we will see "Elastic Email" in its proper shape more often. Have a great day!

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Anna Wybieralska

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