by Anna Wybieralska Dec 2, 2016

Learn more about channel management in HTTP API V1.

This is a deprecated API Call. For Updated API Documentation, please click here.

Channels can be used to organize your mail. By default, the from email address is used for the channel but you can provide a channel and it will be used to group your mailings.

Listing of Active Channels

Show me the list

Mandatory Parameters

  • api_key = your API key found on the Account screen

Optional Parameters

  • format = 'CSV', 'XML' ('XML' is default)

Deleting Channel

Show me how to delete channel

Mandatory Parameters

  • api_key = your api key found on the Account screen
  • name = channel name to delete

Optional Parameters

  • format = 'csv', 'xml' ('xml' is default)


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