by Anna Wybieralska May 14, 2021

If you're involved in any kind of email marketing for your brand's promotion, you would want to consider how you can use artificial intelligence to help streamline and enhance your marketing strategies.

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While there are so many things you can achieve with AI high-powered tools with regards to email marketing. Here's what AI can help your brand to achieve:

  • Composing email subjects
  • Optimization of your delivery times
  • Personalization of the email body at the individual stage
  • The automation of email newsletter creation
  • Manage your email list
  • Data Collection and Reporting for Structuring

But before we look at the details, let's go over a few things.

How does artificial intelligence work? 

Artificial intelligence refers to a general term that implies many different technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and lots more. These technologies, at their core, assist machines in performing particular cognitive tasks just the way you would, or even better.

For example, Amazon utilizes AI recommendation engines to give their customers product recommendations that they will like. Just like a human product enthusiast/expert would.

ai email marketing

Also, everyone's lovable voice assistant Siri can understand your words that you speak to your mobile device and respond adequately using AI. Even self-driving cars powered by artificial intelligence computer vision engines can identify objects like a human driver would and allow the machine to change directions.

Even though there are so many complexities to the various kinds of artificial intelligence, as we've just seen, what you need to know is that the term "artificial intelligence" defines the various types of intelligent technologies. And a lot of these innovations can positively impact your email marketing performance and tasks.

This is because artificial intelligence isn't all about automation, even though it can include smart automation. It goes a little bit farther.

AI technologies analyze large data sets by using advanced computer techniques and top-notch firepower to pull insights from accumulated data. Such insights pulled can be utilized in providing recommendations, decisions and predictions. In the process listed above, such AI systems enhance their decisions, recommendations and predictions as more decisions are made.

How can AI enhance your email marketing? 

Artificial intelligence gives a positive impact on your email marketing campaigns in two primary ways:

Boost in revenue 

According to Ricky Wang, email campaigns have an estimated 4,200% return on investment (ROI but an open rate of just 20.81%). So how does AI help with that?

AI email marketing tools can boost your open and click rates due to factors like personalization. And this will help you to increase revenue from emails and generate quality results from the time you’ve spent on such campaigns. And studies prove this. For example, hyper-personalization can result in an 800% (ROI). 

artificial intelligence for email

Plus, 1 in 5 customers state that they would share their data in exchange for better-personalized experiences

This means that with email personalization, you can expect more open rates because customers want personalization. You can also expect an increase in revenue because personalization motivates customers to make a purchase. All in all, it leads to email marketing automation that helps to grow your business with ease. AI and email marketing is the best combination.

Cost reduction

Using artificial intelligence for email marketing campaigns can also make the process faster, better, and easier. So you can build successful campaigns by dramatically dropping the time it takes for your team to create collateral for email marketing campaigns. This occurs because artificial intelligence excels at pulling patterns and insights from huge data sets. This includes what works across vast data sets of successful emails.

The outcome? 

Artificial intelligence has many powerful uses in email marketing. 

How using AI in email marketing? 

Drafting effective subject lines and email copies

Artificial Intelligence can assist you to enhance the types of words used in your emails and this at scale. Here's how it achieves this. 

Artificial intelligence tools utilize natural language generation to compose email subjects a lot better than people can. This is achieved by understanding your brand's voice via the data it collects and that you use to teach the AI. It then uses such data sets to create subjects that boost your open rate which results in higher revenue.

Email copy personalization

Research shows that 79% of customers will stay loyal to a company only if the business cares for and understands them. And loyal customers spend 10 times more over time and 2% more than the regular customer. So to achieve loyalty that brings in more revenue, you first need to understand your customer, which is personalization.

Artificial intelligence that's powered by deep learning tech produces email copies that customer segments, individuals and your target audience can resonate with. This kind of innovation can give you the ability to create email content recommendations that are personalized on an individual level to increase conversions and engagement.

Email content optimization and deliverability enhancement

There are tons of different ways you can boost the probability of your email content reaching your intended target. And all these ways can be improved with artificial intelligence. Take, for example, Elastic Email. The brand offers artificial intelligence tools for email marketing that can study your subscriber list and create automated email workflows that send content at the right time (for increasing engagement) to subscribers. Fit a segment and then uses triggers to move them slowly in the sales funnel to make a purchase depending on the sales stage they're at.

Data collection and reporting for email structuring

Artificial intelligence powers tools to collect and utilize historical data to segment your email marketing campaigns into thousands or hundreds of internal sub-campaigns and then organizes them to ensure inbox delivery maximization.

Optimization of your delivery time

Artificial intelligence can be used to optimize your email delivery times at a personal level so you can make sure all recipients have a high probability of seeing your email which improves email engagement.

Manage your email list

Using AI-powered tech, you can organize your email databases by eliminating updated contacts, finding new email addresses and updating phone numbers, job titles and any other contact information automatically. This improves deliverability during your campaigns. AI tools can automatically update your contact list and route emails from customers or prospects to the relevant people in your company, which makes email marketing seamless.

Conclusion about AI email marketing

To introduce artificial intelligence into your email marketing campaigns and strategies, you need to first understand in totality what the technology offers. Going through this article is the first step but you need to put it into practice so you can learn what works specifically for your type of business and where to focus your strengths.

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Raul Galera is the Partner Manager at ReferralCandy and CandyBar, two tools helping small and medium businesses run customer referral and loyalty programs. He’s been working in the tech sector for the past seven years and regularly writes about marketing, e-commerce and tech.

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