Making a big step when looking for a new service might need some research first. Let us help you choose the best one!


Easily connect to us with your third-party SMTP client, server, CMS or plugin using our settings. Once you create an account, you will be able to reach Elastic Email via standard SMTP configuration or fully integrate our tools into your website or app with granted API key.

Delivery control

Elastic Email offers multiple tools to maintain and improve delivery. Our tools like private IPs, Contact Delivery Optimization, Webhooks, Sub Accounts and Real-Time Analytics will all help you control your emails and make sure they reach the inbox.

Delivery Analytics

With the help of detailed reports, you will receive all the information regarding your delivery. You'll get to know who opens and clicks your email and whose inbox is just covered in dust. With these details, make choices in order to maximize your campaigns' effectiveness.

Documentation and integration libraries

Our integration libraries include multiple popular languages such as C#, PHP, JavaScript or Java. See prepared code examples to make the process even easier.

Inbound API

View your delivery results with our visual representation of your statistics, and use this data to make the best decisions for your business. Receive web notifications for emails coming to mailboxes that you have registered under your domain.

Email Designer and HTML editor

Use our Email Designer to build your own template. Choose your own template name and set the template defaults such as From Email, From Name and Subject. Customize the layout by adding or removing layout boxes. Use a text layout box for styling fonts. The design tab will let you adjust default styles for text, links and headers. Easily add, remove and resize images using the image layout boxes. You can also code your own template in HTML or paste the code of a template from an external source. All templates that you create can be referenced with ease in your sending calls.


With a simple API call send an SMS text message to any mobile phone number across the globe.

24/7 Customer Support

Have questions or want to know something? The Elastic Email team is always here for you!
Visit our Knowledge Base, learn more about our support plans or reach out to us directly! Choose from three available Support options: Free (via email), Priority (via live In-App Messenger) or Premium (with a dedicated Account Manager).


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