by Anna Wybieralska Mar 15, 2018

We've upgraded our web forms! Learn how to get even more out of your double opt-in web form.

When you are a professional email marketer, like we know you are, you know it makes sense to always be sure that you have confirmed permission from your contacts to get in touch with them. This is where the double opt-in web form comes in handy. If you are still not familiar with double opt-in vs single opt-in forms and their benefits, we have previously shared information about the differences between double opt-in contacts vs single opt-in, as well as tips and hints to set up your own double opt-in web form.

If you are already on board with double opt-in - and you know your way around double opt-in forms-  then we have great news for you. Let us introduce three more ways in which you can step up your web forms for optimum list building. 

Save and store all of your forms

We understood how difficult it was not to have an option to save all of your hard work, that’s why we made it possible to keep and store in your account every web form you create from now on. Need different forms for specific clients or functions? Don’t worry, we've got you covered. Just save each form and use it again and again as needed.

Our new Style tab allows you to personalize your forms from top to bottom

When it comes to forms you want to make them easy on the eyes, but at the same time, you need to draw in as many contacts as you can. We can help you achieve just that with our newly implemented color schemes - can't pick one just yet?  We know, we are still trying to decide between Shamrock and Cyprus.

In addition, we have set new form appearances - such as pop-ups, sticky or inline, and styles - like minimal, elegant and tabula. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that in order for you to make the most out of these new integrations to our forms, you don’t really need to be familiar with HTML. And what’s even better? You can preview all the changes you make while on the go. Yes, there’s no need to visit another page to visualize what you are working on.

We have a growing list of pre-designed forms

And to keep things going, we have also added a gallery of pre-designed templates. As we previously mentioned, you can now choose from a wide range of professional-looking styles and colors to make sure your form stands out from the crowd. Know your HTML? Then feel free to edit our existing templates, and personalize them to match your brand or business needs.

Try out our new Web Forms

More features coming soon

No, we are not done yet. There is more to come and we have our developers working hard to bring you features such as landing pages and the option to track your form’s impressions,  contacts who viewed the form, sign-ups, contacts who subscribed to your form; and confirmations, contacts who confirmed their double opt-in subscription.

We’ll be updating you again soon!

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Anna Wybieralska

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