by Anna Wybieralska Aug 10, 2018

You may not be aware yet that we have recently integrated Elastic Email with Zapier. This opens up a whole spectrum of possibilities available to our customers.

This is not only a very powerful tool, but it is also relatively easy to use. You do not need a development background to perform the actions you need to achieve your goals. Today we show you how to implement and use our newest Elastic Email integration - Zapier.

What is Zapier App?

On Zapier's website, you can read "Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows. Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work". Simply, Zapier email integration allows you to connect over 1,000 popular apps with each other. You can even make "Zaps" that consist of multiple apps at the same time.

When something happens in one app, it is called a "trigger". This trigger gives the other app the information needed to perform the desired action. For example, a new comment shows up in your blog - that's a trigger. You can configure an action to have this comment sent to your company's SLACK channel. The possibilities are endless. You can do almost anything that you could need or want to do with it. The main advantage is that there is no need to know any programming language at all. It is all configurable within the Email by Zapier dashboard.

Integration of Elastic Email witch Zapier

Actually... yes! While adding Elastic Email to Zapier, we created 10 custom templates that are ready to use. So, you don't even have to configure it too much. You are able to just pick a template, add authorization details and it is ready to go. Don't worry if you can't find the template that does exactly what you need. Pick the one that is closest and then modify it accordingly.

Elastic Email Zapier integration
Example of a custom template connecting Facebook Lead Ads and Elastic Email.

Currently, we have 10 templates available but very soon we plan to add additional templates. Please let us know what templates you would like to see the most. We really want this integration to make your life easier, so we warmly welcome all feedback.

How to use Zapier?

Email marketing Zapier is really simple. One of the reasons for the tremendous success of Zapier is that they managed to make it very easy to perform actions that were considered quite difficult. Without Zapier, you needed to know how to write your own code, have a server where it could be active all the time and you had to make sure it was safe and hard to hack. Zapier takes care of all of this.

To make your own Zap, you need to log into your account (you can create one for free) and click the "Make a Zap" button in the top right corner. First, you pick the app that will trigger the Zap. The trigger will put everything into motion. Once you have chosen the trigger app and configured the details, you can add an action or multiple actions. The latter will be performed each time the trigger is activated. For more details, check out the official tutorial.

Watch this short video to learn how to make a new Zap step-by-step.

If you want to test it out yourself and don't have an Elastic Email account yet, you can get one for free by using clicking here.

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